Dollar Bill Drop Cards

drop cards

A cool way to promote your business is here – dollar bill drop cards. These are identical to real dollars but have your own customized design on the back of them.   A drop card looks just like a five, twenty, or even hundred dollar bill but has a few key differences.

First, while they are the same width and thickness of a real dollar, they are not the full length, but look like they are when they are folded. Anyone who sees one will be puzzled by the cleverness of them and how they just got them to pick it up.

That is one of the options of the drop card. You can literally throw these anywhere there is a public population. In the streets, out the window of your car while you drive downtown, in stores and shopping centers, or at gas stations. People will spot them in the corner of their eyes and immediately grab them up and examine them.

They probably have never seen one of them before and will be perplexed by the novelty and will keep and remember it. They will show what they found at the gas station in the morning to their friends, family, and co-workers – giving your company more exposure and word of mouth promotion.

A local company used some of these drop cards and has been putting them out on the sidewalks. They were five dollar bills and were actually a coupon for a five dollar discount at their store. After a few weeks, the store was booming with business and everyone in the town knew them. If you discovered a dollar on the ground, what would you do? You would most likely pick it up carefully and put it in your pocket.

What would you do then if you found out that it was not a real dollar but a clever way to get a coupon in your hands? You would be surprised and would show it to your girlfriend and take it to the store or company whose information is on the back to complement them on their clever marketing tool.

The beauty of the drop card is that if for some reason someone picks one up thinking it is real money and finds out that it is really just a coupon that they do not want, they will just toss it back down on the floor for the next person.

With a conventional business card, people would probably not pick one up in the first place and would probably just throw it away or use it to put their old chewing gum away. Not with a dollar drop card. They are too high quality. The dollar bill drop cards are so high quality that we are scared of people trying to use them as real money.

You can probably imagine a way to use these to promote your business. Perhaps you would just want to use them as coupons and hand them out to people, which is what a lot of people do with these. If you compare the costs of running a news paper television ad, drop cards have a much larger reach for a small fraction of the cost. They are so cheap that many small businesses now have an advantage over large businesses because they are more fit to make use of the dollar card marketing technique.

I know that these dollar drop cards can help your business because I have had so many people thank me for creating them. I do not just scan and print a real dollar on home computers like my competitors – you can do that at home.