7 Ways to Use Drop Card Marketing

drop cards

Dropcards look like a folded dollar bill. You can get them in different denominations but the most popular is the $100 dollar drop card. The idea is to drop these real looking dollar bills in the hopes that someone picks them up and reads your message.

1. The next time you go to buy gasoline for your vehicle. Put a drop card where you put your credit/debit card. The person who buys gas after you will have to remove the drop card in order to pay for their gas. They will look at it, be interested in your offer and call you. But the great thing about this is that even if they aren’t interested, they will throw it on the ground. Then next person who drives up is going to see money on the ground and will most likely pick it up. It is a viral loop of spreading your message with dropcards.

2. We all get junk mail, mostly from credit card companies. Open the mail and take out the envelope that is marked “no postage necessary”. Send your drop card in these envelopes. Most of the people who are opening these envelopes, would love to find a way to make more money.

3. When you go to a convenience store there is always a newspaper rack display. Put your drop cards in those publications. The next person who picks one of those up is going to get your drop card with your message. You never know who is out there looking for a way to make additional income.

4. How many of you like to fly? In the back of each seat is the airplane magazine. Place your drop card in the magazine. There are all different types of people flying, some may even be business people.

5. Now when you get to your destination and stay in a hotel you leave a tip for the housekeeper, also leave your drop card.

6. Lets make a stop at the bookstores in your area, leave your drop cards in the magazines for Home Based Businesses, Financial and Real Estate publications. Do not forget to go into the section for self-help, internet businesses and anything else you might think that people would be looking to make extra money. Use your imagination.

7. And finally, when you are out at restaurants leave your drop card with the waitress when you give them their tip. You might even leave a nice little message with it.

Those ideas seem pretty simple but will have a powerful impact on your business.  Be creative with your Drop Card marketing.  The ideas are endless and the opportunity huge to market your business!

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