Drop Cards that Create Action

drop cards

Drop cards are a powerful tool for building any MLM business.

A drop card, sometimes called a sizzle card, is a classified ad placed on a business card.

As in any advertising, the headline is the most critical part of the drop card. Then you need a few lines of body copy compelling the prospect to take action. Prospects can be directed to either an 800 number or a website to capture their contact information.

Testing is the only way to maximize your results with drop cards. Test your headline. Test your copy. Test your call to action. From extensive use and testing, I have found that pointing prospects to a website generates the best results. I have also found that results are best when only offering one way for the prospect to take action. You actually dilute your results by offering both a phone number and a website.  Choose only one.

There are several reasons I really like drop cards.

Drop cards are very low-cost. You can design your own card right here on bizag.com

Drop cards are frequently passed on from one prospect to another, as in viral marketing.

We teach our team to always have drop cards with them as they go about their daily routine. They can be left on store counters, bulletin boards, with the tip at a restaurant (my highest converting method), and a number of other places where people gather.

The real key to success with drop cards is to consistently distribute a large volume of them. Make drop cards part of your daily routine and watch your mlm business grow.