Where to Place Drop Cards

drop cards

Drop cards are used like business cards.

Here are some suggested ways to “drop” your drop card:

  1. Leave them on restaurant tables when you leave your tip.
  2. Leave them on the toilet tissue holders in public restrooms.
  3. Drop one in everything you mail.
  4. Leave them on public telephones
  5. Hand them out to everyone you meet.
  6. Leave them on top of cigarette machines in lounges.
  7. Stick them in books and magazines at your local bookstore.
  8. Leave them on shelves in grocery and variety stores.
  9. Leave them in the back seat of taxi cabs, and on the seats of public transportation.
  10. Leave them in changing areas in clothing stores.
  11. Slip them in the pockets of clothing at clothing stores.

With drop cards you will get prospects interested in the opportunity you are offering. Think of the possibilities!