Dollar Card Marketing

drop cards provides customized bills in many different denominations with your company logo so people who receive these drop cards will have your contact information and know that they are coming from you.

These bills are forcompanies to grow their customer base, so I thought this site would be worthy of a review. Right now they will make you customized 1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 dollar bills. You can purchase Drop Cards, Sizzle Cards or Business Cards for any dollar card marketing or promotion you choose.

The philosophy behind Dollar Card Marketing is that it’s always a lot easier to pass out money than a business card. Dollar Bills are the most effective Sizzle Cards. And with your name and company contact information on them, imagine the possibilities. You can drop them in crowded areas, leave one at a restaurant you eat with your tip and people tend not to throw these away because of the high perceived value of these.

And they certainly wouldn’t do anything with it as far as discarding them before they at least took a much closer look at them first.

If you want to buy Dollar Card Marketing services, go to

This is a popular product and they don’t seem to be affected by the recession in anyway.

I think Dollar Card Marketing is another great way for businesses to get their brand out there. But what I would do is put your name on each card you have printed. Remember brand yourself while you brand the company you are representing at the same time. Reason is if you ever leave a company, people will tend to remember your name over a company name. So if you do get some of these make sure it benefits you long-term.

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