Dropcards and More Dropcards

drop cards

Dropcards are a great way to promote your business.  A drop card is typically a business card with just enough information on it to capture the viewers attention and peak their curiosity. Drop cards are generally not handed from person to person as would a typical business card. They are intended to be left behind somewhere in a busy public area to be noticed by a passerby in hopes of generating enough interest to act on the message left on the card. Sizzle cards are sometimes synonymous with drop cards but are more likely to be handed off personally from one person to another during or immediately following a business related conversation. However, the brief attention grabbing content is usually the same as would be a drop card. Sizzle cards can also be used as drop cards interchangeably. The essence of a sizzle card is that the message should be so compelling and so hot that it sizzles!