Drop Cards

drop cards

Drop Cards

What are the most effective ways to use Drop Cards?

Use dollar drop cards to promote grand openings, special events, fund raisers, trade shows, festivals, fairs, or conventions. Use as gift certificates, discount coupons, sales promotions, invitations, restaurant coupons, or for any informational message.

Drop cards are the most effective marketing tool for any business – because they grab immediate attention. Our extensive research shows that people cannot pass by these without picking them up and, they’ll keep it & show it to all their friends and family. Try that with your normal business card!

All of our cash drop cards are incredible marketing tools. They’re very effective as business cards that you hand to potential customers at any social event. Just watch their face light up as you hand them what appears to be money. Nobody will turn it down!

As enjoyable as they are to hand to someone, imagine how much amusement you’ll have just leaving a few of these around on tables, benches, or at movie theaters, gyms, restaurants, doctor offices, colleges, bowling alleys, supermarkets, bulletin boards, airports, malls or at your favorite Target, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart stores. Try placing some on gas pumps, pay phones, and literally just handing them out to people walking down the street. Try placing them in books and magazines at the library or grocery store magazine racks. The list can go on forever.

If you are into MLM, you’d be crazy not to add these dollar drop cards to your arsenal of lead generation tools. They are incredibly effective in building your down-line.

No matter what field of work you are in – dollar drop cards will help you create a lot of new business.

Leave Your Drop Cards:

with your tip after a meal (make sure it’s a nice tip)
on the gas pump after you fill up
in a book related to your business
in a magazine at the doctor’s office
on the bench in a restaurant waiting area
in a fish bowl offeriing freebies
on a mirror in a bathroom
on top of the ATM
on the pay phone
at the bus stop
on the car window next to you when you park
on the car on the other side
or a few on your car window for others to take
next to the credit card machine
on a bulletin board
at a coffee shop
at the laundry mat
at the grocery store
at a local restaurant
at a mom & pop shop
on the table at the post office
on a park bench
in the dressing room
in a newspaper left for others to read
in the pocket of your clothes for the cleaner
in the envelope with your bill payment

That should get you started or at least spark some ideas of places you can leave your drop cards.

If you have any great ideas of places to leave a drop cards, share it with us!