Make Your Own Drop Cards

drop cards

We make money selling Drop Cards.  But how many sites actually tell you how to make your own drop cards?  We do, because we want to give back.  Money makes money.

Drop cards (sometimes called sizzle cards) are small cards, usually the size of standard business cards, that advertise a business, service or website. Drop cards are designed to be “dropped,” or left in public places in order to spread awareness and increase business. Since they are often left in public places such as bus stops or ATMs, drop cards should be attention-grabbing and attractive. They should also include vital information like a phone number or website address.

  1. Open Microsoft Word and select the “Business Cards” template from the list on the left. Choose a design and click “Download.” Microsoft will download the template into a Word document.
  2. Customize your template with the information about your business. Be sure to include your phone number or website URL. Consider adding a catchy slogan or provocative question to stimulate interest.
  3. Load the thick colored paper into your printer. Click the “Office” or “File” button in the top left of the screen, and then click “Print.”
  4. Cut the printed drop card template into individual drop cards.
  5. Leave your drop cards at ATMs, bus stops, bars, airports, restaurants, buses, mall benches and on community bulletin boards.

Having taught you how to make your own drop cards, you are probably going to want to order from us instead now.  Why spend your time printing, cutting, and folding thousands of drop cards when you can order from us for such a low price.  We offer drop cards in 5, 10, 20, and 100 dollar bill drop cards.